[Bitcoin-development] Zero-Conf for Full Node Discovery

Jim Phillips jim at ergophobia.org
Tue May 26 04:06:38 UTC 2015

Is there any work being done on using some kind of zero-conf service
discovery protocol so that lightweight clients can find a full node on the
same LAN to peer with rather than having to tie up WAN bandwidth?

I envision a future where lightweight devices within a home use SPV over
WiFi to connect with a home server which in turn relays the transactions
they create out to the larger and faster relays on the Internet.

In a situation where there are hundreds or thousands of small SPV devices
in a single home (if 21, Inc. is successful) monitoring the blockchain,
this could result in lower traffic across the slow WAN connection.  And
yes, I realize it could potentially take a LOT of these devices before the
total bandwidth is greater than downloading a full copy of the blockchain,
but there's other reasons to host your own full node -- trust being one.

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