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On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 9:16 PM, Andrew <onelineproof at gmail.com> wrote:

> You should also keep in mind the big picture when it comes to
> decentralization. If the hard drives (or tapes) can only be produced by a
> small number of large companies like Western Digital or Seagate, then you
> can't really count those for a decentralized system. A truly decentralized
> system would have the devices needed to participate in (and verify) the
> system be easily created by a regular user of the system without relying on
> a central power. So for example, the hard drives needed to store the
> bitcoin transaction records should be able to be produced at a regular
> person's home on a 3D printer starting from just the raw materials. I don't
> know how close we are to this ideal, but just pointing out that it needs to
> be considered. This is also a reason why I like that Bitcoin uses the
> simple SHA sum for mining instead of a more complicated function such as
> scrypt. It makes it easier for small scale entities to understand and to
> produce the ASIC miners.

I am a huge fan of do-it-yourself at-home ASIC manufacturing. The original
4004 and earlier devices are within the scope of what could be accomplished
in a home environment. The homecmos project is an interesting glimpse at
these possibilities. Relevant-scale mining will most likely never be an
option for home manufacturing, but bitcoin wallets and other devices can
definitely be etched by hand or using maskless projector lithography.

Here's what the homecmos group was up to:

LCD projection lithography:

DMD lithography:

There's actually a method of doing this with conventional camera roll film:

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