[Bitcoin-development] Proposed alternatives to the 20MB step function

insecurity at national.shitposting.agency insecurity at national.shitposting.agency
Fri May 29 14:00:54 UTC 2015

Are you really that pig headed that you are going to try and blow up the 
entire system just to get your way? A bunch of ignorant redditors do not 
make consensus, mercifully.

On 2015-05-29 12:39, Gavin Andresen wrote:
> What do other people think?
> If we can't come to an agreement soon, then I'll ask for help
> reviewing/submitting patches to Mike's Bitcoin-Xt project that
> implement a big increase now that grows over time so we may never have
> to go through all this rancor and debate again.
> I'll then ask for help lobbying the merchant services and exchanges
> and hosted wallet companies and other bitcoind-using-infrastructure
> companies (and anybody who agrees with me that we need bigger blocks
> sooner rather than later) to run Bitcoin-Xt instead of Bitcoin Core,
> and state that they are running it. We'll be able to see uptake on the
> network by monitoring client versions.
> Perhaps by the time that happens there will be consensus bigger blocks
> are needed sooner rather than later; if so, great! The early
> deployment will just serve as early testing, and all of the software
> already deployed will ready for bigger blocks.
> But if there is still no consensus among developers but the "bigger
> blocks now" movement is successful, I'll ask for help getting big
> miners to do the same, and use the soft-fork block version voting
> mechanism to (hopefully) get a majority and then a super-majority
> willing to produce bigger blocks. The purpose of that process is to
> prove to any doubters that they'd better start supporting bigger
> blocks or they'll be left behind, and to give them a chance to upgrade
> before that happens.
> Because if we can't come to consensus here, the ultimate authority for
> determining consensus is what code the majority of merchants and
> exchanges and miners are running.
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