[Bitcoin-development] Proposed alternatives to the 20MB step function

Bryan Cheng bryan at blockcypher.com
Fri May 29 18:47:31 UTC 2015

On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 5:39 AM, Gavin Andresen <gavinandresen at gmail.com>

> What do other people think?
> If we can't come to an agreement soon, then I'll ask for help
> reviewing/submitting patches to Mike's Bitcoin-Xt project that implement a
> big increase now that grows over time so we may never have to go through
> all this rancor and debate again.
> I'll then ask for help lobbying the merchant services and exchanges and
> hosted wallet companies and other bitcoind-using-infrastructure companies
> (and anybody who agrees with me that we need bigger blocks sooner rather
> than later) to run Bitcoin-Xt instead of Bitcoin Core, and state that they
> are running it. We'll be able to see uptake on the network by monitoring
> client versions.
While I think we'd all prefer Core to make changes like this, the current
environment may make that impossible. If this change happens in XT, we will
support the necessary changes in our own implementation. The block size
limit is a problem _today_, and I'd rather we solve today's problems with
today's understanding rather than let speculation about future unknowns
stop our ability to respond to known issues.
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