[Bitcoin-development] Fwd: Block Size Increase Requirements

Ricardo Filipe ricardojdfilipe at gmail.com
Sun May 31 23:23:23 UTC 2015

He also said that the equation for miners has many variables, as it
should. There is no disadvantage if the network speed is the same
between the miners. If there is a difference in network speed, the
miner is incentivized to invest in their network infrastructure.

2015-05-31 23:55 GMT+01:00 Alex Mizrahi <alex.mizrahi at gmail.com>:
>> Yes, if you are on a slow network then you are at a (slight) disadvantage.
>> So?
> Chun mentioned that his pool is on a slow network, and thus bigger blocks
> give it an disadvantage. (Orphan rate is proportional to block size.)
> You said that no, on contrary those who make big blocks have a disadvantage.
> And now you say that yes, this disadvantage exist.
> Did you just lie to Chun?
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