[bitcoin-dev] Post-conference hacking in Hong Kong

Cory Fields lists at coryfields.com
Thu Nov 12 18:16:03 UTC 2015

Hi all

As some of you may recall, I tried to throw together a small
code-sprint after the Scaling Bitcoin event in Montreal. There were
several problems stemming from the last-minute-ness and some confusion
about the scope and goals, but I think it was a good thing overall.
Most importantly, it pointed out that many devs are interested in
face-time for technical/code discussions.

For those of you attending the Hong Kong conference next month, I'd
like to invite you to stay an extra day or two and join in on some
in-person hacking, code-review, and technical discussion.

If there was one take-away from the Montreal sprint, it was this:
trying to stick to a pre-defined set of goals with so many people is
counter-productive. The plan was to review a few long-standing Bitcoin
Core pull-requests in-person in order to knock them out quickly, but I
think it was the organic tangents and ad-hoc discussions that proved
to be more interesting. So let's encourage that!

The plan:

Thanks to Pindar and Cyberport, we have two rooms available the two
days after the conference. These will be treated as general meeting
rooms for technical discussion; anything goes as long as it's
technical and Bitcoin-related. Personally, I'll be bringing my laptop
and demoing some recent code to others who might be interested (or
anyone who will listen!). It's also a great opportunity for nascent
devs to ask veterans questions questions about development processes,
hard-to-understand code, etc. Miners are encouraged to come as well,
for discussing any technical hurdles or questions that may benefit
from some real-time technical discussion or debugging.

Attendees are encouraged to self-organize and huddle up as necessary.
Topics are by no means limited to Bitcoin Core, so feel free to
discuss/learn about projects outside of your usual bubble. If you find
yourself saying "I'd like to look at that code with you later" at the
conference, plan a time to meet and do it! While this isn't associated
with Scaling Bitcoin or its organizers, it's obviously meant to
piggy-back off of the event. If it becomes too chaotic, we may throw
together a sign-up sheet, but the intent is to let things happen

What it's not:

This is a venue for technical discussion. It should not be treated as
a place for discussing politics, agendas, plans for world domination,
etc. Let your code speak for you!

The location:
Video Conferencing Rooms 2 and 3, Level 3, Core C
Cyberport 3
100 Cyberport Rd,
Telegraph Bay,
Hong Kong

Room 2 seats 20 people around a conference table, room 3 seats 12.

The time:
Tuesday December 8 at 8:00am - Wednesday December 9 at midnight.

Coffee/tea/water will be provided, but food is not arranged. Likely
some herds will form and venture out for food, but we can also order
in. Wifi/whiteboards provided as well.

See you all in Hong Kong!


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