[bitcoin-dev] Mailing List Moderation Now Active.

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Thu Oct 22 01:29:11 UTC 2015

Hi all,

We aim to make the list more contentful and productive; to get devs to
resubscribe we need to maximize high-value interactions.

  - Currently 5 moderators.  BtcDrak, me, G1lius, Kanzure and Johnathan.
    As far as I know we're entirely unconnected, and we cover Asia/Europe/US.

  - Moderation will last 3 months.  Then we'll have an unmoderated on-list
    discussion as to whether it should continue, or change.

  - Appeals for/against moderation decisions should be directed to Jeff, who
    will have final say.  General moderation feedback just send to me.

  - All rejected posts will be forwarded to a list for public viewing:

  - Everyone starts moderated, and the mod bit gets cleared as they post.
    It gets set again if someone notices or reports a violation.

  - Moderation rules:
    - No offensive posts, no personal attacks.
    - Posts must concern the near-term development of the bitcoin core
      code or bitcoin protocol.
    - Posts must contribute to bitcoin development.
    - Generally encouraged: patches, notification of pull requests, BIP
      proposals, academic paper announcements.  And discussions that follow.
    - Generally discouraged: shower thoughts, wild speculation, jokes, +1s,
      non-technical bitcoin issues, rehashing settled topics without new
      data, moderation concerns.
    - Detailed patch discussion generally better on the GitHub PR.
    - Meta-discussion is better on bitcoin-discuss:

  - We will make mistakes, we are human, so please be patient.

Your friendly moderators.

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