[bitcoin-dev] Python test suite failures (was Re: Planned Obsolescence)

Douglas Roark joroark at vt.edu
Sun Dec 18 20:51:00 UTC 2016

On 2016/12/18 12:07, Alice Wonder via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> I almost did not update to 0.13.0 because the test suite was failing due
> to python errors. How to fix them was posted on bitcointalk.
> 0.13.1 came with new python errors in the test suite. So I just said
> fuck it.
> When the test suite actually works in my fairly standard environment
> (CentOS) in the distributed release, I will upgrade.

Can you post more info about the problems you're seeing, how you fixed
them, your environment, etc., or at least post an issue on Github? I'm
sure somebody would be happy to help. Some info on how to reproduce the
problems would be very helpful. :)


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