[bitcoin-dev] Segwit Upgrade Procedures & Block Extension Data

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> * The coinbase scriptSig gets a second number push (similar to the
> current BIP34 height push), which pushes a number O. O is a byte
> offset inside the coinbase transaction (excluding its witness data)
> that points to a 32-byte hash H. This is more flexible and more
> compact than what we have now (a suggestion by jl2012).

So, the script sig is  "<height> <offset> ..... <H>"?

Why is this just not the offset in the extra nonce?

> A significant design consideration is that if arbitrary data can be
> > added, it is very likely that miners will make use of that ability for
> > non-Bitcoin purposes;
> I agree with the concern, but I don't really understand how this idea
> solves it.
It could be enforced that the data in the coinbase witness stack has a
fixed number of entries, which depends on the block version number.
Version 5 blocks would only have 1 entry.

This would mean a soft-fork could be used to add new entries in the stack.
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