[bitcoin-dev] [BIP Draft] Allow zero value OP_RETURN in Payment Protocol

Peter Todd pete at petertodd.org
Tue Feb 2 17:03:57 UTC 2016

On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 09:44:48AM -0800, Toby Padilla via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> I really don't like the idea of policing other people's use of the
> protocol. If a transaction pays its fee and has a greater than dust value,
> it makes no sense to object to it.

I'll point out that getting a BIP for a feature is *not* a hard
requirement for deployment. I'd encourage you to go write up your BIP
document, give it a non-numerical name for ease of reference, and lobby
wallet vendors to implement it.

While I'll refrain from commenting on whether or not I think the feature
itself is a good idea, I really don't want people to get the impression
that we're gatekeepers for how people choose use Bitcoin.

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