[bitcoin-dev] On Hardforks in the Context of SegWit

Simon Liu simon at bitcartel.com
Mon Feb 8 22:36:47 UTC 2016

> 1) The segregated witness discount is changed from 75% to 50%. The block
> size limit (ie transactions + witness/2) is set to 1.5MB. This gives a
> maximum block size of 3MB and a "network-upgraded" block size of roughly
> 2.1MB. This still significantly discounts script data which is kept out
> of the UTXO set, while keeping the maximum-sized block limited.

What is the rationale for offering a discount?

Is there an economic basis for setting the original discount at 75%
instead of some other number?

If it's okay to arbitrarily reduce the discount by 1/3, what are the
actual boundary limits:  50% - 75% ?  40% - 80% ?


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