[bitcoin-dev] Fwd: Wallet Lock, Unlock BIP idea

Scott Morgan scott at adligo.com
Thu Jan 14 18:26:57 UTC 2016

Hi Again (buZz),

   I am aware of wallet encryption, even if encryptwallet was NOT there you
could always copy wallet.dat and use a third party encryption /decryption
tool.   Also any encryption can be broken, although this may not be
profitable.   I know a few people who still have problems with intruders
taking copper pipe out of buildings in Chicago, which is also unprofitable
since commodity prices have crashed.
   Your right that a big waving flag in the block chain may be a bad idea,
I figured there would be a good way to obsfucate the information through
some one way encryption.  Then anyone could check if wallet '1ABC...' is
locked by encrypting the wallet address and comparing it to a list of
encrypted wallet addresses, but couldn't easily obtain a list of locked or
unlocking wallets.   I haven't done any detailed work on implementation
though, as I mentioned.

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