[bitcoin-dev] Three Month bitcoin-dev Moderation Review

xor at freenetproject.org xor at freenetproject.org
Thu Jan 21 02:25:50 UTC 2016

On Thursday, January 21, 2016 11:20:46 AM Rusty Russell via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> So, what should moderation look like from now on?

The original mail which announced moderation contains this rule:
> - Generally discouraged: [...], +1s, [...]

I assume "+1s" means statements such as "I agree with doing X".

Any sane procedure of deciding something includes asking the involved people 
whether they're for or against it.
If there are dozens of proposals on how to solve a particular technical 
problem, how else do you want to decide it than having a vote?
It's very strange that this is not allowed - especially if we consider that 
the Bitcoin community is in a state of constant dissent currently.
The effect is likely that you push the actual decision-making to IRC, which 
less people have access to (since it's difficult to bear the high traffic), 
and thus form some kind of "inner circle" - which makes decisions seem even 
more as if they're being dictated.

So please consider allowing people to say whether they agree with something 
something or don't.

Other than that, thanks for the good latency of moderation, I guess you're 
doing hard work there :)
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