[bitcoin-dev] Three Month bitcoin-dev Moderation Review

xor at freenetproject.org xor at freenetproject.org
Sat Jan 23 05:33:56 UTC 2016

On Thursday, January 21, 2016 03:14:47 PM Rusty Russell wrote:
> +1s here means simpling say "+1" or "me too" that carries no additional
> information.  ie. if you like an idea, that's great, but it's not worth
> interruping the entire list for.
> If you say "I prefer proposal X over Y because <reasons>" that's
> different.  As is "I dislike X because <reasons>" or "I need X because
> <reasons>".

So "+1"ing is OK as long as I provide a technical explanation of why I agree?
While I still think that this is too much of a restriction because it prevents 
peer-review, I would say that I could live with it as a last resort if you 
don't plan to abolish this rule altogether.

So in that case, to foster peer review, I would recommend you amend the rules 
to clarify this.
Example: "+1s are not allowed unless you provide an explanation of why you 
agree with something".
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