[bitcoin-dev] Three Month bitcoin-dev Moderation Review

Dave Scotese dscotese at litmocracy.com
Sun Jan 24 01:06:23 UTC 2016

The distinction we are making importantly requires that contributors
provide readers with another thing to say in favor of something - another
thing which is different than "X people support this instead of only X-1
people."  Evidence trumps votes.

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> > I would extend this to say that the technical explanation also should
> > contribute uniquely to the conversation; a +1 with an explanation
> > the last +1 gave isn't useful.
> Yes, comments should contribute to the discussion, with either technical
> discussion or additional relevant data. I think a +1 like the following
> should be encouraged:
> "+1: we had eleven customer support tickets in just the last week that
> would have been prevented if XYZ.
> Jane Doe, CTO CoinBitChainBasely.com"
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