[bitcoin-dev] Status updates for BIP 9, 68, 112, and 113

Peter Todd pete at petertodd.org
Fri Jul 15 16:31:12 UTC 2016

On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 04:08:51PM +0000, Luke Dashjr via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> Daniel Cousens opened the issue a few weeks ago, that BIP 9 should progress to 
> Accepted stage. However, as an informational BIP, it is not entirely clear on 
> whether it falls in the Draft/Accepted/Final classification of proposals 
> requiring implementation, or the Draft/Active classification like process 
> BIPs. Background of this discussion is at:
>     https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/pull/413
> (Discussion on the GitHub BIPs repo is *NOT* recommended, hence bringing this 
> topic to the mailing list)

As of writing the text of BIP68 says:

    'This BIP is to be deployed by "versionbits" BIP9 using bit 0.'

Essentially including BIP9 as part of the BIP68 standard; BIP68 could have
equally been written by including some or all of the text of BIP9. If it had
done that, that text would be part of a "Standard BIP" rather than
"Informational BIP", thus I'll argue that BIP9 should also be a "Standard BIP"

Also, note that if we ever modified BIP9, we'd most likely do so with a new
BIP, and in soft-forks using that new standard, would refer to the new BIP #.

> Reviewing the criteria for status changes, my opinion is that:
> - BIPs 68, 112, 113, and 141 are themselves implementations of BIP 9
> -- therefore, BIP 9 falls under the Draft/Accepted/Final class
> - BIPs 68, 112, and 113 have been deployed to the network successfully
> -- therefore, BIP 9 has satisfied the conditions of not only Accepted status,
>    but also Final status
> -- therefore, BIPs 68, 112, and 113 also ought to be Final status
> If there are no objections, I plan to update the status to Final for BIPs 9, 
> 68, 112, and 113 in one month. Since all four BIPs are currently Draft, I also 
> need at least one author from each BIP to sign-off on promoting them to (and 
> beyond) Accepted.
> BIP   9: Pieter Wuille <pieter.wuille at gmail.com>
>          Peter Todd <pete at petertodd.org>
>          Greg Maxwell <greg at xiph.org>
>          Rusty Russell <rusty at rustcorp.com.au>

ACK "Final" status.

https://petertodd.org 'peter'[:-1]@petertodd.org
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