[bitcoin-dev] Reasons to add sync flags to Bitcoin

Tom tomz at freedommail.ch
Tue Jul 26 13:51:56 UTC 2016

> #Basic idea:
> Ideally, all miners would begin hashing the next block at exactly the same
> time. Miners with a head start are more profitable, and the techniques that
> help miners receive and validate blocks quickly create centralization
> pressure.
> What if there was something that acted like the starting flag at a race,
> which could suddenly wave and cause all of the miners to simultaneously
> begin hashing the next block?
> #Implementation:
> Let a sync flag be a message consisting of:
> 1. Hash of the previous block.
> 2. Bitcoin address
> 3. Nonce
> This tiny message could propagate through the network at maximum speed. If
> miners had to include the hash of this flag in the next block, then all
> miners wait for this flag, and when it suddenly spread through the network,
> all miners could simultaneously begin hashing the next block.

What you describe in this part of your message can be done with no forks 
whatsoever and I think that this is enough. Don't really see the reason for 
any change in funding.

The idea of sending out a block header is essentially what I called 
"optimistic mining" and has been described in more detail in my blog here;

The video explains with graphics too...

You may find this interesting :)

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