[bitcoin-dev] Reasons to add sync flags to Bitcoin

Martijn Meijering martijn.meijering at mevs.nl
Tue Jul 26 20:58:00 UTC 2016

- Flags will be mined selfishly, and not published until the advantage
   gained from withholding is less than the mining reward.  This effect may
   kill the decentralization features, since big miners will be the only ones
   that can selfish-mine flags.  Indeed, collusion would be encouraged... just
   ship the flag to the miners you do business with, and no one else.   At the
   expense of loss of flag revenue, your in-group would gain a massive
   advantage in main-chain mining.


Is there a reason miners would be more likely to engage in selfish
mining of sync flags than they are now with ordinary blocks?

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