[bitcoin-dev] Services bit for xthin blocks

Luke Dashjr luke at dashjr.org
Tue Mar 8 17:19:19 UTC 2016

On Tuesday, March 08, 2016 2:35:21 AM G. Andrew Stone via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> Not an unreasonable request, however while I personally respect the many
> great accomplishments of individual engineers loosely affiliated with
> "Core", Bitcoin Unlimited has our own process for documentation and
> discussion on an uncensored forum located here:
> https://bitco.in/forum/threads/buip010-passed-xtreme-thinblocks.774/. We
> would love to have any interested engineer join us there with ideas and
> criticisms.

Bitcoin-dev and the BIP process are not affiliated with Core at all. In fact, 
the BIP process was created by Amir Taaki, who was a libbitcoin developer 
(libbitcoin is not Core).

I encourage Bitcoin Unlimited to use the BIP process for cross-implementation 
standards like this, as do other implementations, so that you can benefit from 
peer review from the wider Bitcoin development community, as well as have a 
common repository for these standards.

Many BIPs are discussed on reddit in addition to this mailing list, and you 
would certainly remain free to discuss your own proposals on any forum you 
like - it isn't restricted to only this mailing list.

If this is of interest, I will be happy to try to go over and assign BIP 
numbers to the current (15?) BUIPs assuming they meet the basic requirements 
for such assignment (see BIP 1: 
https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0001.mediawiki). Is there an 
easy way to get links to each of the BUIPs? I couldn't find BUIP 1 at all, for 



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