[bitcoin-dev] BIP 2 promotion to Final

Jorge Timón jtimon at jtimon.cc
Thu Mar 10 18:30:22 UTC 2016

On Mar 10, 2016 17:28, "Mustafa Al-Bassam" <mus at musalbas.com> wrote:
> The fact that it takes very little time and effort to prevent a BIP from
reaching final status, means that in an base of millions of users it's
guaranteed that some disgruntled or bored person out there will attack it,
even if it's for the lulz.

I still fail to see the harm caused by this attack. At some point the
attacker will get bored of laughing even if the attack has a small costs
(which I'm not that sure it is).

> To reasonably expect that any hark fork - including an uncontroversial
one - will be adapted by every single person in a ecosystem of millions of
people, is wishful thinking and the BIP may as well say "hard fork BIPs
shall never reach final status."

This is what seem to have happened with uncontroversial softforks in the
past. Why is wishful thinking to expect the same for uncontroversial
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