[bitcoin-dev] p2p authentication and encryption BIPs

Chris ctpacia at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 17:20:48 UTC 2016

Thanks for doing some work on this Jonas. It's something I've been
interested in for a while. I haven't had an opportunity to read the bips
but I will do so soon and comment.

As far as the use cases others mentioned, connecting and SPV wallet to
your full node is certainly one. It would make it easy to, say, connect
the android bitcoin-wallet to your own node. I've hacked on that wallet
to make it connect to my .onion node, but it's very slow border-line
unusable. Basic encryption and authentication would make that viable.

Also, while bloom filtering in bitcoinj is broken, it could be fixed by
just creating a single filter and filling it with 1000 addresses and
persisting it to disk. The main issue is you can't restore from seed
that way and would have to revert to what bitcoinj does now and blow
your privacy. If you had the ability to make an encrypted connection to
a trusted node just for restoring from seed, you could save your privacy
during a restore.

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