[bitcoin-dev] Proposed BIP: Maximum block size consensus rule based on median block size (adaptive block size)

Chris Kleeschulte laconia at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 17:27:30 UTC 2016

The following draft BIP proposes changing the MAX_BLOCK_SIZE consensus rule
to be a function of the median block size over the last 12,960 blocks
(about three months) multiplied by 2 and calculated when a block is
connected to the blockchain.


The purpose of this consensus rule change is to allow the maximum block
size to increase or decrease based on actual network usage. A block size
limit, as discussed here, prevents certain types of denial of service
attacks on the Bitcoin network, however a fixed limit does not allow the
capacity of the network to increase as advancements in scaling are
realized.  By adjusting the limit based on the sizes of blocks in the
recent past, the throughput of the network can adjust to changes in user
demand and scaling related technology advancements while still being
protected from denial of service attacks.

Full proposal here:


I look forward to your consideration.

thank you,
Chris Kleeschulte
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