[bitcoin-dev] p2p authentication and encryption BIPs

Tom tomz at freedommail.ch
Fri Mar 25 20:42:08 UTC 2016

On Friday 25 Mar 2016 19:43:00 Jonas Schnelli via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> An encrypted channel together with a trusted full node would finally
> allow to have a secure and save SPV communication.

I guess my question didn't get across. 

Why would you want to make your usecase do connections over the peer2peer 
(net.cpp) connection at all?

Mixing messages that are being sent to everyone and encrypted messages is 
asking for trouble.
Making your private connection out-of-band would work much better.

> > Also, you didn't actually address the attack-vector.
> Which attack-vector?

The statistical attack I mentioned earlier.  Which comes from knowing which 
plain text messages are being sent over the encrypted channel, So as long as 
you keep saying you want to encrypt data that identical copies of are being 
sent to other nodes at practically the same time, you will keep being 
vulnerable to that.

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