[bitcoin-dev] Bip44 extension for P2SH/P2WSH/...

Pavol Rusnak stick at satoshilabs.com
Sun May 15 10:04:01 UTC 2016

On 14/05/16 18:14, Jonas Schnelli wrote:
> AFAIK: Bip39 import (cross-wallet) is not supported by Schildbachs
> android wallet [1] and Electrum [2] and Breadwallet [3].

They are not BIP44 compatible wallets. This thread is about BIP44.

> * What if the "old" wallet has used more then 1000 addresses? I guess

They are not following the spec and are thus not BIP44 compatible.

> * If I import a bip39 mnemonic into a hardware wallet (assume Trezor or
> Keepkey) I have to type in the words into my computer which bypasses
> some of the security my hardware wallet provides me (MITM seed attack).
> Together with the point above this reduces the security of a wallet (in
> particular cold storage significant).

You should send all your coins to the new seed anyway, but I agree this
might be tricky for non-power users.

Best Regards / S pozdravom,

Pavol "stick" Rusnak

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