[bitcoin-dev] Drivechain proposal using OP_COUNT_ACKS

Sergio Demian Lerner sergio.d.lerner at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 15:49:08 UTC 2016

Since ScalingBitcoin is close, I think this is a good moment to publish our
proposal on drivechains. This BIP proposed the drivechain we'd like to use
in RSK (a.k.a. Rootstock) two-way pegged blockchain and see it implemented
in Bitcoin. Until that happens, we're using a federated approach.
I'm sure that adding risk-less Bitcoin extensibility through
sidechains/drivechains is what we all want, but it's of maximum importance
to decide which technology will leads us there.
We hope this work can also be the base of all other new 2-way-pegged
blockchains that can take Bitcoin the currency to new niches and test new
use cases, but cannot yet be realized because of current

The full BIP plus a reference implementation can be found here:

BIP (draft):

Code & Test cases:
(Note: Code is still unaudited)

As a summary, OP_COUNT_ACKS is a new segwit-based and soft-forked opcode
that counts acks and nacks tags in coinbase fields, and push the resulting
totals in the script stack.

The system was designed with the following properties in mind:

1. Interoperability with scripting system
2. Zero risk of invalidating a block
3. No additional computation during blockchain management and
4. No change in Bitcoin security model
5. Bounded computation of poll results
6. Strong protection from DoS attacks
7. Minimum block space consumption
8. Zero risk of cross-secondary chain invalidation

Please see the BIP draft for a more-detailed explanation on how we achieve
these goals.

I'll be in ScalingBitcoin in less than a week and I'll be available to
discuss the design rationale, improvements, changes and ideas any of you
may have.

Truly yours,
Sergio Demian Lerner
Bitcoiner and RSK co-founder
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