[bitcoin-dev] Libconsensus completion plan document (with pictures)

Jorge Timón jtimon at jtimon.cc
Mon Oct 10 14:58:04 UTC 2016

Hello, since trying to encapsulate consensus code without exposing
anything else (see my post from january
) wasn't succesful in getting review, I decided to turn "phase 2" into
"expose verifyHeader" again. I was previously starting the document
with pictures but since things we're changing and the pictures were
already deprecated, I decided to wait after segwit was merged and
include those changes in the pictures too.
This time I created a repository so that people can look at it, even
if it's less advanced than previous versions have been:


Here's a branch with the resulting images, latex file and pdf:


And here's the pdf:


Any questions or comments are welcomed. If some of the images are
wanted for some other more general documentation or you want me to
create a specific diagram to document Bitcoin Core I'm happy to do so
as well.

Note that some phases can be done in different order or in parallel
(ie phase 3 and phase 4 could happen before phase 2, although I
strongly doubt it because phase 2 is the simplest to review and I've
been harassing different people to do it for a while with little
success [thanks to those who reviewed it and gave feedback] ).

An implementation of phase 2 (expose verifyHeader()) can be seen in

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