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Peter Todd pete at petertodd.org
Thu Oct 13 08:51:17 UTC 2016

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    I, Peter Todd, hereby declare myself and all technology companies that I
    control as "Defensive" by committing to offer a Defensive Patent License,
    version 1.1, for any of my patents either existing or future, to any DPL User.
    Neither I nor any companies that I control have any patents at this time.

    My contact address is pete at petertodd.org


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# Notes

* On the advice of my lawyer, I'm currently offering only a specific version of
  the DPL. I probably will offer licenses under subsequent versions in the
  future, but I'd prefer to see how the DPL evolves and whether or not the
  license stewards behind it prove trustworthy before committing to doing so.

* The language "all technology companies I control" is there to avoid any
  complications with non-technology companies that I may control in the future,
  e.g. family real-estate holding companies, and the non-profit caving group
  I'm a part of. To my knowledge, I only control one company as of writing, the
  numbered company I do all my consulting through; I consider that company a
  "technology company", and thus the above offer applies to it.

* Equally, if by some stroke of luck I do end up in control of any other
  technology companies - maybe Bill Gate's blockchain smart-contract will
  mysteriously gives me control of Microsoft - then the above offer will apply.

https://petertodd.org 'peter'[:-1]@petertodd.org
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