[bitcoin-dev] Start time for BIP141 (segwit)

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Sun Oct 16 21:08:08 UTC 2016

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> On Sunday, 16 October 2016 12:49:47 CEST Douglas Roark via bitcoin-dev
> wrote:
> > It's not the website's fault if wallet devs aren't updating their
> > statuses. Besides, "WIP" can mean an awful lot of things.
> As I said, it would be nice to get an updated version so we can see more
> than 20% readyness of wallets.
> The wallet devs not caring enough to update the status should be a worrying
> sign, though.

WIP for TREZOR means that we've made that hard part already (firwmare) so
we know it is feasible, yet we didn't spend enough time on finalizing all
the stack like our web wallet because we don't see any actual release date
yet. Considering current battles on BU hashpower, we decided simply sit and
watch (I already have popocorn).

SegWit is probably the most disruptive and most invasive change ever made to
> Bitcoin. We have miners actively saying they don't like it and this makes
> it
> a contriversial upgrade which means the network may split and other issues.
There're also many wallets which are impatiently waiting for segwit to be
released. Segwit is blessing for hardware wallets for many reasons. I
actually think that rolling out Segwit will increase security, because it
will reduce huge complexity in hardware wallets as it is today.

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