[bitcoin-dev] New BIP: Dealing with dummy stack element malleability

Peter Todd pete at petertodd.org
Fri Sep 2 05:47:14 UTC 2016

On Fri, Sep 02, 2016 at 12:40:58AM -0400, Johnson Lau via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> Deployment
> This BIP will be deployed by "version bits" BIP9 using the same parameters for BIP141 and BIP143, with the name "segwit" and using bit 1.
> For Bitcoin mainnet, the BIP9 starttime is midnight TBD UTC (Epoch timestamp TBD) and BIP9 timeout is midnight TBD UTC (Epoch timestamp TBD).
> For Bitcoin testnet, the BIP9 starttime is midnight 1 May 2016 UTC (Epoch timestamp 1462060800) and BIP9 timeout is midnight 1 May 2017 UTC (Epoch timestamp 1493596800).
> Compatibility
> The reference client has produced compatible signatures from the beginning, and the NULLDUMMY rule has been enforced as relay policy by the reference client since v0.10.0. There has been no transactions violating the requirement being added to the chain since at least August 2015. In addition, every non-compliant signature can trivially be converted into a compliant one, so there is no loss of functionality by this requirement.

This should say "for all scriptPubKey types in actual use, non-compliant
signatures can trivially be converted into compliant ones"

You can of course create a scriptPubKey where that's not possible, but
fortunately no-one appears to do that.

Also, as original author of NULLDUMMY, thanks for finally making it into a

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