[bitcoin-dev] Guessing the spentness status of the pruned relatives

bfd at cock.lu bfd at cock.lu
Sat Apr 1 23:38:45 UTC 2017

If a wallet is unaware of spends of its own coins (ie, transactions
were made it can't have known about), there's probably bigger problems
going on. You might enjoy the topic on this mailing list on committed
bloom filters however, as this solves a similar issue without needing
an ever-growing list of hundreds of millions of spent outputs.

On 2017-04-02 06:04, praxeology_guy via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> Bitcoin nodes could also keep a spentness status list, where each bit
> in the spentness status list corresponds to whether a txo in the MMR
> is spent.  This could make it so that disconnected wallets didn't have
> to guess the pruned relative spentness status when it reconnects to
> the network... and help prevent DoS attacks.

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