[bitcoin-dev] Hard fork proposal from last week's meeting

Staf Verhaegen staf at stafverhaegen.be
Sun Apr 2 19:02:02 UTC 2017

Jared Lee Richardson via bitcoin-dev schreef op wo 29-03-2017 om 12:07

> It is all very unhealthy for Bitcoin.  Both sides need to accept that
> microtransactions from all humans cannot go on-chain, and that never
> increasing the blocksize doesn't mean millions of home users will run
> nodes.  The node argument breaks down economically and the
> microtransaction argument is an impossible mountain for a blockchain
> to climb.

What annoys me are people that seem to think that in order to promote
layer two scaling on-chain scaling has to be severely limited. I am
convinced that in order for layer 2 to flourish enough on-chain
bandwidth has to be available, not artificial scarceness.
In order to allow more on-chain bandwidth also sharding solutions should
be investigated so not every transactions has to pass through each node
and without the need of channels but protocol between nodes.


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