[bitcoin-dev] Using a storage engine without UTXO-index

Marcos mayorga mm at mm-studios.com
Fri Apr 7 07:55:48 UTC 2017

Hi Tomas,

I've read it and think it is an excellent work, I'd like to see it
integrated into bitcoin-core as a 'kernel module'.

I see there are a lot of proof of concepts out there, IMO every one
deserve a room in the bitcoin client as a selectable feature, to make the
software more flexible and less dictatorial, an user could easily select
which features she wants to run.

Best regards,

> I have been working on a bitcoin implementation that uses a different
> approach to indexing for verifying the order of transactions. Instead of
> using an index of unspent outputs, double spends are verified by using a
> spend-tree where spends are scanned against spent outputs instead of
> unspent outputs.
> This allows for much better concurrency, as not only blocks, but also
> individual inputs can be verified fully in parallel.
> I explain the approach at https://bitcrust.org, source code is available
> at https://github.com/tomasvdw/bitcrust
> I am sharing this not only to ask for your feedback, but also to call
> for a clear separation of protocol and implementations: As this
> solution, reversing the costs of outputs and inputs, seems to have
> excellent performance characteristics (as shown in the test results),
> updates to the protocol addressing the UTXO growth, might not be worth
> considering *protocol improvements* and it might be best to address
> these concerns as implementation details.
> Kind regards,
> Tomas van der Wansem
> tomas at bitcrust.org
> Bitcrust
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