[bitcoin-dev] Segwit v2

praxeology_guy praxeology_guy at protonmail.com
Thu Apr 27 02:18:57 UTC 2017

Johnson Lau,

> not change the commitment structure as suggested by another post

Not sure if you realize my proposal is backwards compatible. We could also merge the two arrays, which would be harder to compress, but a more simple format. Below I gave an example of how this would be backwards compatible.

1-byte - OP_RETURN (0x6a)
1-byte - Push the following 36 bytes (0x24)
4-byte - Commitment header (0xaa21a9ed)
32-byte - Commitment hash: Double-SHA256(witness root hash|witness reserved value*)
variable bytes - Extension roots: array of {extension identifier, extension root length, extension root}
bytes onwards: Optional data with no consensus meaning

* "witness reserved value" _must_ also go in the input's scriptSig/witness field

Here is an example of the "Extension roots" with this format:
Extension roots: 2, {0, 0, []}, {1, 0, []}

size = 2 // two elements in Commitment hash
{ext.id = 0, length = 0, empty} // First element is the wtxid merkle root hash, must be calculated, not specified here
{ext.id = 1, length = 0, empty} // Second element is the "witness reserved value", which is found in the scriptSig

Later after all the miners upgrade, we could stop using the ext.id = 1 and also stop putting the unneccesary value in scriptSig.
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