[bitcoin-dev] Hash Graph - Applied to BTC?

Tim-Hinnerk Heuer th.heuer at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 12:09:17 UTC 2017

Is it possible to make a hard fork of Bitcoin that implements Hash Graph?
Is this legal as Hash Graph is proprietary licensed? Even though the
license does not agree with open source, the algorithm is open and
potentially could be implemented while still giving value to "old" crypto
currency tokens and keys.

Bitcoin to scale to billions if not trillions of transactions per second.

It is known that Bitcoin has a scaling problem. 6 transactions per second
is not enough to sustain a global economy. Lightning promises to solve this
but it's still not implemented fully?!

I transferred a small amount of BTC to Ethereum and it took several days on
a small priority.

Just a simple Wallet (Coinomi).

Have installed a full Bitcoin wallet but tried also easier to use
implementations such as Jaxx and Coinomi.

I'm happy to do some coding as I am a programmer, but haven't had any
notable experience with implementing crypto algorithms before. However, I
have plenty of experience implementing algorithms.

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