[bitcoin-dev] [Pre-BIP] Community Consensus Voting System

David Vorick david.vorick at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 23:19:39 UTC 2017

I like the idea of having some way for developers to show that they've
given an idea legitimate consideration, as I feel some proposals are often
considered much more in depth before rejection than the proposer realizes,
however I don't think any sort of on-chain system really makes sense. It
complicates things a lot, adds code, incentives, etc. when really all you
care about is some sort of indication of consideration, support, or

I also prefer to think of Bitcoin as a system of vetos rather than a system
of approvals. A lot of times changes will be small, highly technical, and
have no visible impact to your every day user. These types of changes don't
really need support outside the devs. Furthermore, I frankly don't give a
crap if we proposal has support from 85% of the participants if there is a
legitimate technical, social, or political reason that it is a bad idea.

And finally, I don't think it should cost money or political power to raise
an objection. A 13yo who has never been seen before should be able to raise
an objection if they indeed have a legitimate objection. Involving money is
almost certainly going to shut down important valid opinions.

And again, I mostly agree with the motivation. It would be good if it were
easier to figure out who had considered a proposal and what their
objections or praises were. But I would like to see that without any
systemization around what is required to pass or fail a proposal, and with
no barrier to entry (such as voting or sending coins or having a recognized
name like 'Bitfury') to provide an opinion.
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