[bitcoin-dev] BIP150/151 concerns and some comments

Jonas Schnelli dev at jonasschnelli.ch
Tue Feb 14 21:01:51 UTC 2017

>> - If you use one of the todays available SPV clients, you will reveal
>> your complete wallet content („~all your addresses") to every network
>> observer between you and the node you have connected to. This means, if
>> you pay for a coffee (while being on the owners WIFI), the coffee owner
>> and all the involved ISPs can correlate your wallet with your other
>> internet behavior. Same is true for your cellphone provider if you use
>> cellular.
> What about allowing trusted users connecting on a different connection. Much 
> like the RPC one.
> Make that one encrypted. Different usecase, different connection.
- What protocol would you use? The same p2p protocol but different port
and/or different process? Why?
- If not the p2p protocol, how would you form a standard? Would it be
worth doing a standard?
- Could you fall back to the current SPV model against random untrusted
peers if you additional channel is not available?
- What are the downsides using current p2p network?
- Would this also solve the security problem of creating designated
channels between peers (the "addnode" thing is based on IPs)?


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