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On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 8:43 AM, G. Andrew Stone <g.andrew.stone at gmail.com>

> But since transactions' prevouts are not specified by [block height, tx
> index, output index] or by TXO index, I don't understand how an insertion
> ordered TXO tree can result in efficient lookups.  Can you help me
> understand this?

You have to have a lookup table going from prevouts to txo index. Lookups
on that are relatively fast because looking up things in a hashtable is a
single cache miss, while looking up things in a tree is logarithmic cache

I'm wondering if there is some confusion here.

Yes, someone needs to have a lookup table from prevouts to TXO tree
positions. But because an insertion-ordered TXO tree does not rebalance,
that table can be maintained by wallets or service providers for just their
own coins, instead of by every full node and miner individually for
everyone's coins.

In the simplest committed TXO model, full nodes simply maintain the TXO
root hash, and every transaction/block comes with a proof that its inputs
are in the TXO tree, and the necessary information to update the root after
spending the inputs and adding the outputs.

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