[bitcoin-dev] Committed bloom filters for improved wallet performance and SPV security

Jonas Schnelli dev at jonasschnelli.ch
Sun Jan 1 21:01:23 UTC 2017

> We introduce several concepts that rework the lightweight Bitcoin
> client model in a manner which is secure, efficient and privacy
> compatible.
> The BFD can be used verbatim in replacement of BIP37, where the filter
> can be cached between clients without needing to be recomputed. It can
> also be used by normal pruned nodes to do re-scans locally of their
> wallet without needing to have the block data available to scan, or
> without reading the entire block chain from disk.
I started exploring the potential of BFD after this specification.

What would be the preferred/recommended way to handle 0-conf/mempool
filtering – if & once BDF would have been deployed (any type,
semi-trusted oracles or protocol-level/softfork)?

From the user-experience perspective, this is probably pretty important
(otherwise the experience will be that incoming funds can take serval
minutes to hours until they appear).
Using BIP37 bloom filters just for mempool filtering would obviously
result in the same unwanted privacy-setup.


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