[bitcoin-dev] BIP - 'Block75' - New algorithm

Luke Dashjr luke at dashjr.org
Mon Jan 2 20:04:56 UTC 2017

On Monday, January 02, 2017 6:04:37 PM t. khan via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> Thoughts? For any predictions as to how this would behave, please provide
> the numbers used to arrive at any conclusions.

It would probably behave as an ever-increasing block size limit. Spam has 
typically filled blocks to the max, and miners have stopped self-enforcing 
reasonable limits.

> 2. Is there any need for a minimum max blocksize? Block75 allows for
> decreasing the size as well as increasing it.

Probably it should never make it so small that a reasonable generation 
transaction cannot fit. But I'm not sure this needs explicit enforcement.

> To help negate some of the risk associated with a hard fork and to prevent
> a single relatively small mining pool from blocking Block75's adoption,
> activation would occur once 900 of the last 1,000 blocks mined signaled
> support, with a grace period of 4,032 blocks.

If you can't trust miners to signal based on the community's consensus, then 
don't use miner signalling at all. Just set a block height it activates.

> Thank you again to all those who commented on the previous Block75 thread.
> Together, we can make 2017 the year the block size debate ends (hopefully
> forever).

I doubt you'll get consensus for such a fundamentally broken proposal.
I certainly don't foresee any circumstance where I could reasonably support 
it... The block size limit exists to restrict miners; it makes no sense to put 
it in their control.


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