[bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin Classic 1.2.0 released

Aymeric Vitte vitteaymeric at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 23:10:50 UTC 2017

Le 07/01/2017 à 21:26, Chris Priest via bitcoin-dev a écrit :
> Bitcoin Classic only changes the block format (by changing the rule
> that they have to be 1MB or less). Miners are the only ones who make
> blocks, so they are the only ones who mater when it comes to changing
> block rules.

Certainly not

>  Nodes, wallets and other software are not affected by
> changing block rules. Unlike segwit, where *everybody* has to write
> code to support the new transaction format.

This is what we could call a decentralized system, when everybody is

> Also, it doesn't matter that 75% of hashpower is made up of a dozen
> people. That's how the system works, it's not a matter of opinion.

That's an obvious weakness of the system

>  If
> you are just a node or just a wallet, and you want your voice to
> matter, then you need to get a hold of some hashpower.

Well, probably you did not mean this, this is not fair. "Just a node"...

Still wondering why you guys don't care about the ridiculous number of
full nodes, no incentive to run one and what would happen if someone
were to control a majority of full nodes

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