[bitcoin-dev] Announcements on bitcoin-dev

Btc Drak btcdrak at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 06:50:52 UTC 2017

The purpose of this list is Bitcoin protocol discussion of all kinds,
including consensus rules that require hard and soft forks and there
have been many discussions about both. There is also a clear technical
process for proposing, discussing and peer reviewing consensus rule
changes via the BIPs process which this list has traditionally played
a large role. BIP specifications allow community wide coordination
across multiple implementations.

Since the recent thread announcing a new version of Bitcoin Classic,
many people have complained on and off-list that is should not be
allowed on the bitcoin-dev mailing list because it is not consensus
compatible nor is it a change which has been arrived at through wide
community consensus. There isn't even a formal specification that
other implementations could follow if they wanted to. The general
feeling seems to be that announcements for consensus compatible
implementations is ok on this list. If there is ever community wide
consensus for a hard fork, then that too would be ok since there would
be consensus.

This list does strive to be somewhat high signal to noise ratio where
possible and we need to be clear about the list remit. So let's be
clear, announcing/advertising software that is consensus incompatible
is off-topic, however, discussion of hard forks, peer review etc has
always been, and remains, on topic.

I've copied the current list remit below for completeness. General
discussions should be directed at bitcoin-discuss, where as actual
protocol development discussion belongs on bitcoin-dev.

Bitcoin development and protocol discussion.

This list is lightly moderated.

- No offensive posts, no personal attacks.
- Posts must concern development of bitcoin protocol.
- Posts should be technical or academic in nature.
- Generally encouraged: patches, notification of pull requests, BIP
proposals, academic paper announcements. And discussions that follow.
- Generally discouraged: shower thoughts, wild speculation, jokes,
+1s, non-technical bitcoin issues, rehashing settled topics without
new data, moderation concerns.
- Detailed patch discussion generally better on a GitHub PR.
- Meta-discussion is better on bitcoin-discuss


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