[bitcoin-dev] Anti-transaction replay in a hardfork

Edmund Edgar ed at realitykeys.com
Thu Jan 26 10:55:41 UTC 2017

On 26 January 2017 at 18:20, Johnson Lau via bitcoin-dev
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>You can’t anti-replay if you don’t even know a hardfork might happen. And I think your hypothesis (replay reduces the incentive of split) is not supported by the ETC/ETH split.

I agree with the general point you're making, but you *could*
anti-replay without knowing about the fork, at least from a few dozen
blocks into it. For example you could allow transactions to specify a
recent block hash (or some of the bytes thereof) and declare that they
want to be invalid if that block isn't in the parent chain.

This would potentially have benefits beyond economic hard-fork
situations: As a general principle, if the network that you're
transacting with doesn't look like the one you think you're
transacting with, you're going to have a bad day.

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