[bitcoin-dev] Currency/exchange rate information API

Tim Ruffing tim.ruffing at mmci.uni-saarland.de
Mon Mar 6 22:38:25 UTC 2017

On Mon, 2017-03-06 at 17:30 -0500, Tim Ruffing via bitcoin-dev wrote:
> That works but a standardized way of indicating that piece of
> information to the client is useful. Then the client can display a
> "connection status" to the user, e.g., an "possible out-of-date"
> warning like the warning sign in the Qt GUI when Bitcoin Core is
> catching up the network.

Wait, forget this reply, I mixed up the two issues of keepalive and
definition of low, high etc... -.-

1. Keepalive for longpolling:
As I said, this can be useful for an out-of-date warning. I don't know
if this is better solved with TCP keepalive or on the higher layer.

2. Definition of low, high:
My feeling is that there is nothing wrong with providing exact
definitions in the BIP, i.e.., giving up the flexibility does not too
hurt much. However all of this is a minor issue after all.


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