[bitcoin-dev] Unique node identifiers

Jonas Schnelli dev at jonasschnelli.ch
Wed Mar 8 21:20:39 UTC 2017

> Am 08.03.2017 um 22:09 schrieb Eric Voskuil <eric at voskuil.org>:
> On 03/08/2017 11:47 AM, Jonas Schnelli wrote:
>>>> Nodes are by design not supposed to be identifiable in any way
>>> This is of course my objection to BIP150 ("a way for peers to ...
>>> guarantee node ownership“).
>> Please Eric. Stop spreading FUD.
> I'm always willing to debate this issue. I'm generally a little
> suspicious of one who demands another person to stop arguing. I got at
> least one such demand (along with a threat) on this subject privately
> last summer from a notable Core dev. There is a lengthy thread on this
> subject in which I raised these issues. Everyone is free to review that
> discussion.

What you did say in the sentence above (and I think is FUD) is, that BIP150 will lead to every node being identifiable. This is just completely wrong.
There is nothing to say against a technical debate (and we had this), but I will ask you to stop if I see you attacking BIP150/151 at every occasion with FUDish arguments like this.


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