[bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin and CVEs

Simon Liu simon at bitcartel.com
Tue Mar 21 02:47:31 UTC 2017


Are there are any vulnerabilities in Bitcoin which have been fixed but
not yet publicly disclosed?  Is the following list of Bitcoin CVEs


There have been no new CVEs posted for almost three years, except for
CVE-2015-3641, but there appears to be no information publicly available
for that issue:


It would be of great benefit to end users if the community of clients
and altcoins derived from Bitcoin Core could be patched for any known

Does anyone keep track of security related bugs and patches, where the
defect severity is similar to those found on the CVE list above?  If
yes, can that list be shared with other developers?

If some fixes have been committed with discreet log messages, it will be
difficult for third parties to identify and assess the importance of any
critical patches.  Do any important ones come to mind?

Finally, curious to know, what has changed since 2014 that has resulted
in the defect rate, at least based on the list of publicly reported
CVEs, to fall to zero?  A change to the development process?
Introduction of a bug bounty?

Best Regards,


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