[bitcoin-dev] Bandwidth limits and LN w/ node relay network topography

Aymeric Vitte vitteaymeric at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 17:09:20 UTC 2017

What you are describing is described here too:
https://gist.github.com/Ayms/aab6f8e08fef0792ab3448f542a826bf (again, at
very draft and somewhere misleading state)

I don't think that the rewards should depend on subsequent chains built
on top of the main one, it should be handled by the main chain

I am not sure to really get your last sentence and why history should
have an importance based on some ways for historical valid nodes to
prove they are still, supposedly defeating the nodes trying to split,
who would inherently not behave correctly and therefore be banned by the
other nodes

Again, we are not far from switching from decentralized to centralized,
and I must again mention the Tor network, which indeed selects nodes
according to their advertised bandwidth (ie does not select you if you
advertise a very low one, which my nodes are doing because their work is
not to relay the tor traffic), but not only since the network itself
makes some calculations (and then does not select the nodes that are
lying, but this does not work the other way around), unlike this system
the decentralized system should self regulate without being able to
fingerprint the valid nodes over time

Le 27/03/2017 à 00:11, praxeology_guy via bitcoin-dev a écrit :
> Bandwidth limits:
> Would be nice to specify global and per node up/down bandwidth limits.
> Communicate limits to peers.
> Monitor actual bandwidth with peers.
> Adjust connections accordingly to attain bandwidth goals/limits.
> With Lightning Network:
> Prepay for bandwidth/data.  Continue paying nodes who continue to send
> new useful data.  Potentially pay different amounts for different
> kinds of data.
> Request refunds when a node sends useless/duplicate/invalid/spam
> data.  Discontinue connection w/ nodes that don't refund.  Hence LN
> payment channel network topography becomes somewhat correlated w/
> bitcoin node relay network topography.
> Should help nodes get better data faster, improve spam/DDoS
> resiliance.  Incentivizes relay of unconfirmed txs and new blocks,
> when currently there is only a utilitarian marginal self benefit via
> helping everyone in general.
> Maybe relay advertisements of available bandwidth and prices, etc.
> To identify network splits:
> Nodes could find hash of "nonce + pub key + tip blockhash" beating a
> difficulty threshold.  Sign, broadcast.  Prove their existence and
> connectedness.  History can be maintained and monitored for
> disruption.  Could be made part of the messages that advertise
> available network bandwidth.
> Cheers,
> Praxeology Guy
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