[bitcoin-dev] Requirement for pseudonymous BIP submissions

Tom Zander tomz at freedommail.ch
Wed Mar 29 08:49:38 UTC 2017

On Saturday, 18 March 2017 16:23:16 CEST Chris Stewart via bitcoin-dev 
> As everyone in the Bitcoin space knows, there is a massive scaling debate
> going on. One side wants to increase the block size via segwit, while the
> other side wants to increase via hard fork. I have strong opinions on the
> topic but I won’t discuss them here. The point of the matter is we are
> seeing the politicization of protocol level changes.

I agree with your assessment, the sides are political and picking sides 
makes people a target.
For that reason I know that many companies are not picking sides, we’ve seen 
some bad stuff happen to companies that did.

I’m not convnced it makes sense to use anonymous, but provable, identities 
is the way to solve this. Though.

I also don’t believe people are rejecting proposals purely based on the 
name. What I see is that pratically all proposals are ignored for the time 
being becaues we can’t make any changes anyway until we have made a protocol 
upgrade and came out stronger.
I do agree that bips are seen politically, but not based on the person that 
suggests them, but more based on the content being useful for their 
political side.

I am not entirely against pseudonymous submissions, but in that case I think 
it should be carried by a well known member of the Bitcoin community.

This raises the bar somewhat to a point where you have to convince someone 
that is already publicly known to propose it with you.
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