[bitcoin-dev] Hard fork proposal from last week's meeting

David Vorick david.vorick at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 16:14:42 UTC 2017

No one is suggesting anything like this.  The cost of running a node
that could handle 300% of the 2015 worldwide nonbitcoin transaction
volume today would be a rounding error for most exchanges even if
prices didn't rise.

Then explain why PayPal has multiple datacenters. And why Visa has multiple
datacenters. And why the banking systems have multiple datacenters each.

I'm guessing it's because you need that much juice to run a global payment
system at the transaction volumes that they run at.

Unless you have professional experience working directly with transaction
processors handling tens of millions of financial transactions per day, I
think we can fully discount your assessment that it would be a rounding
error in the budget of a major exchange or Bitcoin processor to handle that
much load. And even if it was, it wouldn't matter because it's extremely
important to Bitcoin's security that it's everyday users are able to and
are actively running full nodes.

I'm not going to take the time to refute everything you've been saying but
I will say that most of your comments have demonstrated a similar level of
ignorance as the one above.

This whole thread has been absurdly low quality.
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