[bitcoin-dev] Bitcoin Cash's new difficulty algorithm

Gregory Maxwell greg at xiph.org
Fri Nov 3 00:00:07 UTC 2017

On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 11:53 PM, Scott Roberts <wordsgalore at gmail.com> wrote:
> Whatever their failings from their previous code or their adversarial
> nature, they got this code right and I'm only presenting it as a real and
> excellent solution for the impending threat to bitcoin. As a big core fan, I
> really wanted to delete the word Cash from my post because I was afraid
> someone would turn this technical discussion into a political football.

I urge my colleagues here to not fall for the obvious xkcd386 bait.

The competitive advantage of prudence and competence is diminished if
competitors are able to divert our efforts into reviewing their

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