[bitcoin-dev] Generalized sharding protocol for decentralized scaling without Miners owning our BTC

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Tue Oct 10 01:39:33 UTC 2017

That is only a one-way peg, not a two-way.

In fact, that is exactly what drivechain does, if one chooses parameters
for the drivechain that make it impossible for any side-to-main transfer to

One-way pegs have strong first-mover disadvantages.


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Dear list,

In previous arguments over Drivechain (and Drivechain-like proposals) I
promised that better scaling proposals — that do not sacrifice Bitcoin's
security — would come along.

I planned to do a detailed writeup, but have decided to just send off this
email with what I have, because I'm unlikely to have time to write up a
detailed proposal.

The idea is very simple (and by no means novel*), and I'm sure others have
mentioned either exactly it, or similar ideas (e.g. burning coins) before.

This is a generic sharding protocol for all blockchains, including Bitcoin.

Users simply say: "My coins on Chain A are going to be sent to Chain B".

Then they burn the coins on Chain A, and create a minting transaction on
Chain B. The details of how to ensure that coins do not get lost needs to
be worked out, but I'm fairly certain the folks on this list can figure out
those details.

- Thin clients, nodes, and miners, can all very easily verify that said
action took place, and therefore accept the "newly minted" coins on B as
- Users client software now also knows where to look for the other coins
(if for some reason it needs to).

This doesn't even need much modification to the Bitcoin protocol as most of
the verification is done client-side.

It is fully decentralized, and there's no need to give our ownership of our
coins to miners to get scale.

My sincere apologies if this has been brought up before (in which case, I
would be very grateful for a link to the proposal).

Greg Slepak

* This idea is similar in spirit to Interledger.

Please do not email me anything that you are not comfortable also sharing with
the NSA.

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